SOL-BD has been an Internet Service Provider in Sylhet Division since 29 th October 2001 & the only ISP in Sylhet Division connected to SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable via IIG's National Internet Backbone. SOL-BD is a Data Connectivity (domestic) provider & one of the largest Prepaid Internet, Cable Broadband and Wireless, Wi-Fi Internet Service Provider in Sylhet. The company currently offers home users a low cost Broadband Internet Service limited in some certain areas within the holy city of Sylhet. We have a bunch of skilled as well as an efficient Technical Team to support our valued customers round the clock, 366 days a year. The company also provides wired and wireless networking solutions with hardware setup and support. SOL-BD has BDiX ,ITC connectivity with IIGs aswell.

The First ISP in Sylhet to connect to SEA-ME-WE4 Submarine Cable Network, ITC & BDiX

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Since February 16th 2003 

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